We think it's only right that a brand taking it's inspiration from nature does the best it can to protect it.
How? Well, here's the short version:
~ We only get our tees from the most responsible, high quality suppliers (See links at bottom of page). 
~ All our tees are made with 100% organic, sustainably-farmed cotton, with a minimal and often non-existent carbon footprint, and are PETA certified Vegan-friendly. 
~ All our products are made 'On-Demand'. Each product is created individually to order, meaning we don't hold hundreds of garments in stock. This is better for the environment because we don't need to hold stock, meaning zero waste productuction, and secondly our products are only shipped once - from the factory straight to your door, further reducing our carbon footprint. 
~ All our tees are certified in adherence to the guidelines of the 'Fair Wear' foundation, which support workers' rights and ethical working conditions within the textile industry. 
~ Our artwork is printed using non-toxic and non-hazardous, biodegradable, water-based inks. 
~ We ship our products in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging - No plastics.
~ Our tees are a built to last. We are against 'fast fashion' and the throwaway culture, so our tees are made thick, soft and comfortable, so you won't get sick of wearing them. Provided you take proper care of them they wont shrink or warp in the wash.
~ We've done our best to design our products in a simplistic, timeless style, so they can ride with changing fashion trends and stay relevant.


 Sustainable organic cotton floral tshirts


For more details regarding our supply chain, follow the below links: